Niagara Women's Enterprise

Who We Are

NWEC is a charity of Niagara Peninsula Homes, and is at the center of our goal to support communities through social enterprise. We have developed and continue to encourage a variety of community partnerships with employers, businesses, educational institutions, employment agencies and organizations. In 2007 NWEC was chosen as one of a few groups in Ontario for a pilot project to assist women who are victims of domestic abuse to gain technical skills.

NWEC's Mandate

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre (NWEC), has a mandate to provide assistance, training and resources to unemployed and/or underemployed women in the Niagara Region who want to obtain employment or create a business.

We have established and provided sector specific certificate training programs and various employment supports to over 800 women across Niagara since 1999 in an effort to relieve women living in poverty.

Training Program

NWEC offers a variety of career and personal development programs in the Niagara Region.

Learn more about NWEC training programs or visit the NWEC website.

Contact us to learn more about creating your own social enterprise training programs or business.