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Niagara Peninsula Homes was created in 1979 and incorporated in 1981. We're a non-profit with an outside Board of Directors. Through our development services we have created over 2700 units of non-profit, co-operative and supportive housing in the Niagara, Hamilton and currently manage housing in the Niagara, Hamilton and Cambridge areas. We continue to provide development, property management, maintenance, janitorial, financial administration, capital repair and consultation services to numerous housing providers. Contact us today - we can help.

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Womens Community Co-operative

Women’s Community Co-operative Inc. is a 46 unit mid-rise building in Hamilton. The co-op houses a diverse group of women, some of whom have lived there since the beginning, choosing to age in place and others who have joined more recently. They come from all walks of life and many corners of the world – in short, they are like every other housing co-op in 2019. Despite difference, they have all chosen co-operative living.


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Achieved Since 1979

In case you're wondering just how much experience we have:

  • $6 Million Capital Grants Secured (approx)
  • 2768 Units Developed
  • 1458 Units Managing
Social Enterprise And Affordable Non-Profit Housing

Social Enterprise & Affordable Non-Profit Housing

A summary report and case studies on Social Enterprise & Affordable Non-Profit Housing.

Speeches AT Our Grand Opening

The Grand Opening

Our grand opening celebration was recorded on video by Moonage Studios. Watch the video and celebration with us.

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada Annual General Meeting


This is the booth at the trade show at the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada Annual General Meeting.

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